Sgourakis Architects Visualisation

S.A.V. specialises in providing 3D visualisation and realistic photomontages as visual amenity evidence for VCAT hearings.

We work with developers, architects and building designers from across Victoria to prepare photo-realistic renders of un-built projects to satisfy specific VCAT standards of representation. Our photomontages also include the development potential of neighbouring properties, based on zoning, to accurately present the long-term impact of the proposed project.

All levels depicted in our photomontages comply with Australian height datum and are taken by a registered land surveyor. Our photography is carefully composed to accurately show the proposed project’s context and surrounds. We use industry-standard image editing software to execute the merge of photo and render.

We have successfully presented VCAT evidence on a diverse range of projects – residential, commercial and multiresidential. We have successfully acted as expert witnesses before VCAT panels on a range of projects.

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