About us

Sgourakis Architects has been delivering quality architecture for over 39 years. We tackle projects of diverse scale and complexity, applying a rigorous design process and finely resolved aesthetic.

Founded by architect Peter Sgourakis in 1978, our practice specializes in delivering dynamic single- and multi-residential projects, thoughtfully considered mixed-use and commercial projects, and public projects that make an active contribution to Melbourne’s urban fabric.

Our architectural work couldn’t happen without the strong relationships we create and maintain with our clients. Whether we’re working with individual home owners or property developers, collaboration is at the heart of what we do.


Our methodology

We take a consultative, collaborative approach to every project, working closely with clients to define the brief and navigate the project’s parameters. We focus on gaining a genuine understanding of the individuals who will eventually inhabit the buildings that we create.

Every project we work on must meet our own exacting standards. Our team’s design aesthetic is contemporary and thoughtfully conceived. We are deft space-planners, skilled in developing plans that optimize space and livability. Sustainability figures prominently in our approach, ensuring our projects minimise their impact on the environment.

While our practice is design-driven, we are pragmatists at heart. We understand that no work of architecture exists in isolation, so our design solutions balance a desire for contemporary architectural expression with an appreciation for commercial imperatives. Our rigorous planning and design process allow us to negotiate any practical constraints such as budget, schedule and complex site conditions. We are equipped to prepare visual amenity evidence for VCAT if required.


Our capabilities

Competence and creativity unite our team of architects, designers and documenters. Our team has a strong skillset in all aspects of architecture and design, complemented by a thorough knowledge of construction.

We are adaptable, flexible and innovative. We strive to create buildings that look good, that work well and, most importantly, that fulfil the brief. Fine craftsmanship has always been an important part of our work, and the same attention to detail that drove Peter Sgourakis’s early projects is still evident today.

Our team’s experience in diverse small-, medium- and large-scale projects helps us to confidently navigate planning processes, construction and the logistics of delivering complex built environment projects. We understand the inherent feasibility and budget constraints of commercial projects.

Sustainability is a key part of our design process, and the environmental impact of every project is carefully managed. Whatever the context, we strive to create projects with a strong civic quality that add value to their environment.




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